CreativE + LIAISON

I work to inspire creativity that fuels culture through networking and collaboration with artists, entrepreneurs, and futurists. This diverse gathering of minds and perspectives forge new insights in art, business, culture, and innovation.


Tips, tools, and inspiration for artists and creatives online. Reverse engineering the success of various creatives to help artists on their journey of full creative expression and financial stability.

CREATIVE business

Teaching artists to leverage technology to build stability through the use of various marketing strategies.

Creative MINDSET

It's not enough to be creative one must understand self in relation to the experiences of life to fully express. Liaison helps creatives get unstuck, let go of limiting beliefs and move into a place of power.

Featured Posts

7 Steps to Start Your Own Marketing Agency

Many people dream of starting their own business and creating a life that allows one to travel and have fun while earning an income. While most don’t follow through, that’s not to say it’s not easier than you think to achieve in today's digital age.   As a marketer,...

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Create New Ways To Experience Your Hospitality

  Having been in the business, there is nothing like the relationships and experiences created around food; for guests and employees alike. After 15 years, however, the same old ins and outs became boring. It got a bit fixed. Sure, menus changed and people changed,...

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The continuous advances in technology, increased consumer consciousness and AI insist on companies innovating to stay relevant to future customers. Here’s a few shifts to take note of:   Direct-to-consumer 2018 is proving to have brought Direct to Consumer “D2C”...

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