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CreativE + LIAISON

I work to inspire creativity that fuels culture through networking and collaboration with artists, entrepreneurs, and futurists. This diverse gathering of minds and perspectives forge new insights in art, business, culture, and innovation.


Tips, tools, and inspiration for artists and creatives online. Reverse engineering the success of various creatives to help artists on their journey of full creative expression and financial stability.

CREATIVE business

Teaching artists to leverage technology to build stability through the use of various marketing strategies.

Creative MINDSET

It's not enough to be creative one must understand self in relation to the experiences of life to fully express. Liaison helps creatives get unstuck, let go of limiting beliefs and move into a place of power.

Featured Posts

Peter Coffin: “Untitled” Tree Pants

Originally appearing in Wanås Konst sculpture park in Sweden, Coffin continues to outfit particularly attractive foliage from time to time. New York-based artist Peter Coffin decks out trees in giant Levi’s jeans. Why? To poke fun at our serious tendency to project...

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