7 Steps to Start Your Own Marketing Agency

It's not as hard as you may think
Many people dream of starting their own business and creating a life that allows one to travel and have fun while earning an income. While most don’t follow through, that’s not to say it’s not easier than you think to achieve in today’s digital age.


As a marketer, you’ll quickly realize that small-business owners are intimidated by social media. It’s technical and always changing. This creates an opportunity for you!

Knowing how Facebook and Google work can be a game changer for a small business and they’ll gladly write you a check if you can help their bottom line.

On average paying you $1,500 a month, even if you work part-time. Locking in five clients conservatively makes you $9,000 a month. That’s a six-figure business.

Here’s seven steps to start immediately.

1. Apply social media on yourself


“Start marketing yourself.” In the case of Tai Lopez who shot the “Here in My Garage” video seen billions of times, which proved him to be a capable marketer.


2. Pick lucrative niches


Social media marketing is a ‘front-loading’ business model, in that it requires major input at the start. The opposite is a ‘treadmill business’ which requires constant work, or the income drops to zero.

By focusing on attracting high-value clients like doctors, lawyers, and dentists, you would create a good foundation for your business with a client base that won’t struggle to pay you.

I started by approaching restaurants, using my extensive experience in hospitality to find new ways to add value by leveraging that experience. Once you know how to help one, it’s easy to duplicate and produce consistent results for others.

3. Create packages


Clients want different things. If you only have a one-priced package, you’ll lose those clients who want extra services.

Create 3 to 4 packages: $995, $1,995, $4,995, and $9,995.

This way, you offer a basic service and ‘full Monty’ options. The difference lies in the amount and type of work.

“My first client, a staple restaurant in Williamsburg, paid $500 per month for me to essentially repost content tagged from patrons of the restaurant. I used scheduling software to automate posts. I was never onsite.”

For $995, you could optimize a client’s website to capture someone’s email address and create a simple email marketing funnel to nurture the relationship.

For $1,995, you could manage the client’s social media accounts and create stories to build their brand. The more expensive packages could include paid advertising.

For $9995, you could offer the same services as the $1,995 package, and invest $4,000 in Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, leaving a $4,000 profit (50 %) margin.

4. Win clients, quickly

The best way to win clients is through friends, family, and referrals.

Anyone who has never worked with you, will be risk-averse to hiring you. Avoid charging initially while building the relationship.

Conduct a free evaluation of their website and social accounts, followed by a review “here is what you’re doing and how I’d make improvements.’

Once you have a client base, ask for written or video testimonials proving credibility to potential clients.

“In the case of my first client – They were a staple in the neighborhood. Having them under my belt with a great testimonial created massive leverage! Go for the quality in the bunch so you can build a solid client deck and advance faster – Work smarter, not harder”


5. Tell engaging stories to attract followers

Create a ‘brand story’ – Become a master at telling your client’s story! Instead of traditional marketing that pushes sales, create a fun, compelling, behind-the-scenes, adventurous story that continues day to day, engaging people to come back every day to watch. You will create trust and open yourself up to future customers.

“Interested in learning more about branding? Check out Jules Marcoux “Marketing Blueprint”

6. Track results

You need to prove that you’re making your clients money. Tools like Hootsuite and Loomly track your marketing efforts and show results.

7. Hire staff

If you decide to hire, outsource for the heavy lifting or, at the very least hire a personal/virtual assistant and an accountant to manage your everyday operations and finances.

“You never really make money working for yourself. You make money when other people work for you.” – Allan Nation

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