Adam J. Kurtz

Therapeutic Author & Designer of the Pick Me UP

A therapeutic artist who seems to find purpose in knowing when you’re stressed or anxious. And we all know nothing helps more than a stranger who thinks they know what you’re going through offering you their 2 cents without you even asking for it. For those who don’t know Adam J. Kurtz has been referred to as the cross between an artist & Therapist or as I would like to call Therapeutic artist. But not in that stuffy sort of way in more on your level I get you kinda way that I find really enjoyable.  So here is a little Q&A I had the privilege of having with Adam.

1) What’s your story, did you always know your an artist or did you fall into it? 

I’ve always been very hands on and done little creative projects for fun. Over time that has become a career that could be described as a working creative or “artist.” But that was never the plan necessarily.

2) Does living in New York inspire your work or does the stress of the city hold you down?

New York is whatever you make of it. I’ve carved out a nice little life that is fairly calm and comfortable. What I like most about the city is how many people and things are crammed into one place. Anything is out there if you are looking for it. I’m not usually looking for it but I’m glad it’s nearby.

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3) What advice do you have for a young creative hungry to head to the city and "be an artist"

I don't have advice because every single person is different. Ask yourself if what you need is more available somewhere else. The internet makes proximity somewhat less important. City rent is higher and you'll have less space to work. Sometimes being a bigger fish in a smaller pond is a great place to start and then you can move from there. Slow and steady seems smart.

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4) Who's your creative crush?

I'm a big fan of graphic designer Eric Hu and the way he approaches design and life.

5) What's next for Adam J Kurtz? 

More product collaborations and books! I'm going to keep going until I can't anymore.

To see more from Adam J Kurtz and to get your copy of the pick me up check out the book below 


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