Creating monetization opportunities

So you want more Instagram followers?

With over 300 million active monthly users, Instagram gives creatives the opportunity to reach new users without buying ads, making it a great resource for artists to leverage!

Whatever your craft, using platforms like Instagram can create monetization opportunities with little effort and strategy.

Let’s begin.

  1. Post consistently.


The average Instagram account posts once a day, but since you want to grow, I recommend that you post more frequently. Find what works for you and commit to it. Create your own unique theme to create familiarity.


@Charmaine Olivia is a great example of an artist who has leveraged the internet to create a massive audience who support and engage in her content. With 286K followers, Charmaine celebrates her love of art as well as bringing her audience into her world.


  1. Storytelling


Posting your work isn’t enough anymore. If you want attraction, you need to create a connection.


Let’s look at this scenario:


There are two ceramists, both with equal skills and beautiful works.


Ceramist 1: posts her completed work of the day, every day – no stories, just a gallery of finished products.


Ceramist 2: Posts every day and shares stories of throwing clay, building pots, drinking tea and of the studio cat that knocked over a newly finished vase.

Who would you rather follow? More importantly, who would you rather buy from?


You, as artists, already have a good story. Blessed with creativity and a passion to pursue the mastery of your craft, which creates a charm and unique element of authenticity.


Everybody wants to showcase the great things they are doing but nobody wants to show the mess ups, the hard work, the late nights.


You may be thinking How can I create an element of storytelling? I don’t like cameras, I’m introverted, I’m not into social media, I don’t have time, Here’s how:

Leverage creative talents: start with your friends: “Hey, come over, bring your camera and film me…. (making beats, painting, playing guitar, dancing, singing, throwing clay…)


Collaborate with other creatives: like those who makes music or have film skills, and support them by using their work to showcase yours in a new way. Don’t forget to credit.


Outreach on social platforms to find the creatives you admire, collaborate and expand your audience by engaging with other creatives online.


Good examples would be Alexy Prefontaine , aka @aeforia’s collaboration with Dorian Legret, aka @dorianlegret. Both creatives have a similar style but varied aesthetics, which the audience would enjoy. Alexy has just under 9k followers and Dorian has 20k, the by-product of that increased engagement and expanded creativity.


Now to be clear, don’t be that person who looks for creatives with many followers to get the leg up. The followers are a by-product of a creative encounter and Instagram is a platform to connect and showcase your collective creativity.


For outreach, the best way is to go for the DM (on the upper right hand corner), hit the triple dots and send a message and create a relationship first.

  1. #Hashtag


Now this is where a little strategy comes in. If you just start hash tagging without proper intent, you will submit a post to an oversaturated tag or a disinterested audience.


Do #hashtag research, see what fits for you and your niche. make notes and use that tag consistently when you’re posting.


Tip: Look for hashtags that are in the 10th or 100 thousand that match your niche. Also note that emoji’s count and rank effectively.


Apply these tips consistently and engage with your audience and you will see your list of followers grow.



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