Betty Dawl

Astral Earth Angel, Digital Gurl & Warrior Woman

Is betty dawl an alter ego? If you weren’t you how would you describe you? 


In my world, Betty DawL is like a superhero cartoon character that dimension surfs spreading Love through sound and group hugs. I can’t describe myself from an outside perspective because every perception is different and subject to change BUT I hope to just be an incredible inspiration.

How would you describe your evolution as an artist?


It’s the Art of Progression. 

In the beginning, you may not be perfect at it or even remotely good. I wasn’t, but when something brings joy to your life it doesn’t matter. 

Life is about the experience, so my evolution as an artist is just an ongoing growth of sound and feeling. I still have so much more to learn & I’m very excited for it all. 

What are your thoughts on the collective consciousness and how does that affect their ability to unlock their true selves? 


The most important message of consciousness is that Love rules all….& once one learns to love themselves and accept the things they cannot control, everything begins to make a lot more sense. Unity and working together too. It’s everything. We are all connected like one big emotional light ameba. 

Betty Dawl

What does your art mean to you? 


Everything. There are no words to describe the happiness I get from being creative. 


What are you working on currently? Where do you see yourself progressing?


Sitting on a couple self-produced projects, a TRAPFONE project, & in the middle of putting my first book together. 

I’ve got a lot coming up, I have a tendency to hoard work but i do believe in the divine timing so perhaps its all for a reason. Right now, I’m just focused on learning more and more about sound and feeling. I want my work to be a healing experience for all people.


What do you find you struggle with most as an artist and as a human being? 

As a human, I struggle to understand how other humans can be so cruel to their peers for no reason. 

I understand the ate towards others is a reflection of how one feels about themselves, so I just try to spread as self-empowerment” words as possible. 

How has the internet helped you build your audience?


The internet makes it possible to build a brand and sell your vision. It’s not easy, BUT it is available. 

I’m just grateful for those who are interested in what Im doing and hope to inspire more everyday

Betty Dawl

singer-songwriterwriter, poet producer what platforms have helped you connect  and collaborate with other creatives? 


Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram & honestly the local scene in Tampa has inspired me so much. 

Who do you want to collab with?


Whoever inspires me, probably people I haven’t even met yet ….but to work with Daft Punk is a huge dream of mine.  

Creatively where do you see yourself progressing?


Beyond my imagination, influencing the masses – spreading Love as the most prominent religion on this Earth. 

If it wasn’t music what would it be? 


Any and all forms of healing. 


What is life to you? 


I’m writing a book, so when it comes out – read it 🙂  

Betty Dawl - Tampa Bay Artist

For someone getting into music what would your advice be for them? 


Don’t listen to anything anyone has to say. Work on YOUR vision and believe in that. Especially if the ones around you have doubt, that a sign that you’re on to something because being a creative is to create something new and unfamiliar not something that has already been done 1000 times.  

How do manage to stay inspired?


Constantly changing my environment, never getting too comfortable, spending time in nature, reading books. 

Trapfone- Betty Dawl

Favorite feeling, sound & smell


Smell: It’s a tie between incense or the fruit aisle in Publix

Sound: My cat scratching at the door to cuddle me in the mornings. 

Feeling: Love 

Who is your creative crush? 


All the independent women inspiring other women that we are just (if not more) as powerful as the men in this industry.


Any last word?


“There is no TRY only DO” – if you want to do something – THAN DO IT. 

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