Biet Simkin

"The World of Intellect, Fashion, And Art Needed Spirituality"

The elevation of consciousness and its effects on creativity, a conversation I seek to bring forth as a more regularly regarded topic of conversation. To aid in this I sought out Biet Simkins for her knowledge and approach to spirituality.

Biet is the founder of Center of the Cyclone, an immersive experience that weaves meditation, self-inquiry, art, music, and fashion, offering an explosive experience.

After 30 years of study in the field, Biet’s felt that the world of intellect, fashion, and art needed spirituality, and the world of spirituality was often missing the mark and needed some vanity and fire.

Colliding these two worlds Biet has created events with MoMA, Lululemon, SoulCycle, Summit Series, Vice, Free People, Sundance Film Festival, The Path, The Collective, Babel, Serene Social, Soho House, Mind Body Green, 1 Hotels, Neuehouse, Wanderlust Festival, Adidas, Samsung, Sony and more..

Join me on this “creative encounter” with Biet Simkin.

It’s my understanding that creative “genius” is attainable by any who seek peace within. For in the space created by mindfulness one can observe the depths of a feeling without the destructive nature of attachment. Do you feel mindfulness is vital to the progression of creativity? If so how?


“It is. However, it is not the most obvious path. The most obvious path is hedonism and destruction. This is why so many artists burn out. They are right; that to create is to die. This dying, however, is not meant to be literal, it is a death to self, as described in the prayer of St Frances. When we die to the fake self and are born to the true self that is the real and only act of creation.

I think we can only be attached to the false. All that is real is free.”

There are paradigms that have created limitations around the creative community. One of which I find common amongst creatives isCREATIVE COMPLEXITY & CHAOS” the idea that “MY EMOTIONS, MOOD, AND PASSIONS ARE WHAT DRIVE MY CREATIVITY. TO BE ORDERLY, GROUNDED AND DELIBERATE CREATE LIMITATIONS THAT HINDER MY SENSE OF EXPRESSION.” What are your thoughts on this common rational?


“I completely disagree. A true artist needs and craves structure. One cannot build a house without cement. One cannot build a roof without a ground floor. Yes of course chaos and madness are involved and essential ingredients to a life well lived, but lightning doesn’t come from the sky…

It is a force created by a force from above and a force from below meeting in the middle. This fear that we will not be interesting if we aren’t in a state of annihilation is total bullshit. We must awaken from the lies we tell ourselves if we are to be useful and effective.”

What is your perspective on the correlation between mindfulness and creativity please share your perspective?


“You probably want to be here to experience what you create. To be mindful is to be here now.”


What can creatives do to become more “mindful” and knowing of self?


“Stop hurting themselves. Stop sleeping around. Stop numbing feelings with substances. Start meditating. Start being prayerful. Start being radical. Employ optimism. Stop being “cool.”

How has mindfulness influenced your life and creativity?

“I do exactly what I want for a living. I support thousands of people. I do it all while incorporating my music and ancient teachings. I do it all in a great pair of Levi’s. I do it all while having sex, living in NY and still being in life. I do it all and always remember none of it’s real and none of it’s mine. Mindfulness helps me to remember I only guard things for the higher. I don’t make things. I don’t do things. I just am things or I am not things. To be mindful is to “be”.

The experience and observation of fear, doubt, depression, limiting beliefs and the various ways it hinders full creative expression. Call for a connection with self. People like Biet are bringing individuals lives to a new space of freedom. 

“Working with Biet not only improved and enriched my spiritual life, she guided me out of a prison I had spent years creating for myself. Without her I wouldn’t be the artist I was always meant to be.”

 – Leslye Headland, Writer/Director, Bachelorette, Sleeping with Other People

Currently Residing in New York, Biet is writing a book about the laws of meditation to be released in 2018.

Learn more about Biet‘s next events.

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