Creative Paradigms

3 reasons why Aren’t a full time artist

Do you find it hard to be an artist or get creative?

Struggling between time, inspiration and financial stability?

I’ll go over common paradigms that have created barriers for creatives, limiting them from creating the life they want.


As artists, we have accepted outdated paradigms that don’t serve us.


By shining light deep into our subconscious, we can expose these paradoxes and recalibrate for new growth.


Paradigm #1 Creative Complexity & Chaos


“My emotions, mood, and passions are what drive my creativity. To be orderly, grounded and deliberate create limitations that hinder my sense of expression.”


From the emotionally unstable writer to the suicidal actor, to the artist who cuts off his own ear. History is riddled with examples that validate the paradigm of creative chaos.


Creating a space in which creatives celebrate their inability to control emotions is identified as complex and passionate. Creating “tendencies to experience negative emotions, fluctuations in moods and emotional state and a failing self-confidence.” – Professor Øyvind L. Martinsen.


Nevertheless, if not monitored, you create walls and limitations. Falling prey to your lowest version of yourself, you’ll surely never create the reality in which you live a life doing what you love.


The paradigm of creative complexity & chaos tends to manifest as…


Frequently going out drinking, experimenting with drugs, doing things when you feel like it and waiting for passion to run up your spine throwing you into a fit of creative uprising. A Romanticized ideal that served few.

When you’re sad or angry, you live in that sadness and anger and base actions on “how you feel”

“Amateur artists wait for inspiration. While a professional artist will make a point to sit down and work on their art every day, an amateur only works on their art when the “mood” is right.”

Filling ideal time with distraction and mishaps.


Breaking free from the paradigm of complexity & chaos can lead you to create habits, embrace emotions and discover how to channel them correctly in a way that serves your fullest expression.

Paradigm #2 Labels


I am “X”

I understand that language creates common understanding but it also creates limitations.

The paradigm of labels tends to show as…

“I’m an artist, not a businessman.”

“I’m a fine artist”

“I only know how to do photography.”

“I only work at night”

For example, “I am an artist, not a businessperson.” You limit yourself to creating full independence for yourself. Relying on a second party to represent you and provide the “business” to your art.

You’re removing yourself from an abundant well of opportunities in which you can brand yourself in a way that allows you to have full creative freedom and financial independence.

Labels are affirmations of limitation.

Paradigm #3 Choice

This is, of course, the most profound of all paradigms.


“You can’t have it all.” You have to choose, Creativity or Consumption.

By choosing creativity in such a paradigm, you willingly give up the idea of comfort, sustainability, and security.

All of which, appeal to fundamental human survival and are among the highlighted appeals when one chooses a life of consumption.

So when you choose creativity but fail to create the life you want, you have accepted the paradigm that you can’t have it all, jumping back and forth between creativity and consumption.

You work hard, give in to reason, don’t have your sh*t “together,” become a victim of circumstance and always struggle to be appreciated as a credible artist and contributing member of society. Thus, creating the teeter between creativity & consumption.

Treating what you love as a hobby, holding “day jobs” to afford to sustain yourself in a consumption culture. Therefore, subconsciously accepting the paradigm of choice is why all your efforts always seem to bring you back to square one.

Times have changed, you can have it all. Everything that you need to create an ideal reality is available to you if you let go of the paradigm of choice.

By rejecting this paradigm, you allow your mindset to shift into a vast space, free to create a life rich in creativity which allows for everything consumption has to offer and more.

By stepping fully into creativity, you allow for expansive growth, whether by the arts, movement or entrepreneurship. If you hold on to consumption, you limit expansion and create a failed effect to your cause.

If you are not creating, you are consuming. There is no in between.

The key point I want you to take away from this is the realization that, on a subconscious level, you have created limitations, limiting yourself from infinite opportunities.

Where are you struggling the most?

Are you unable to find inspiration and creativity?

Are you introverted, feeling that your character leaves you unable to leverage opportunities?

Find where you’re limiting yourself. Shift and surround yourself with high-level creators.

Whether you want to accept it or not, the modern-day artist is an entrepreneurial artist. You leverage technology, build on your creativity, become flexible and diverse. More importantly, you become aware of yourself and what’s happening in the world.

Therefore, you can create in a way that brings you to a life rich in purpose and fulfillment. To do so, you must cleanse yourself of these paradigms.


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