Showcasing how creative people have made a living doing what they love

Cathy Heller’s ‘Don’t Keep Your Day Job’ is a weekly podcast showcasing how creative people have made a living doing what they love.

In my pursuit to “Not keep my day Job” and do what I love and, maintain the quality of life that my soul sucking “Day Job”  provided.  Cathy Heller’s Don’t Keep Your Day Job” was a parting in the sky moment of clarity and elation.

Working to start an “online” business, so I could sustain my love of art & travel. However, everything I attempted seemed so forced and unnatural, I realized I was still trying to create the money rather serve my passion and leveraging skills to make it happen.

Dont keep your day Jobvia

It all came into place one morning in the shower as the podcast bounced around the bathroom it hit me “I know what to do!” I jumped out the shower, half rinsed, grabbed my notebook and scribbled some notes.

I’ll save the details sinse I plan to one day be a guest on Cathy’s podcast but for now.

Cathy Heller, a singer, songwriter and six figure earner who has made a living doing what she loves and has now paid it forward by creating a space in which I feel not enough attention is being placed.

Here’s what others are saying about the podcast…

dont keep your day job

Pinpointing what strategies have been proven to turn passion into a profit. By interview successful creators from screenwriters, fashion designers, chefs, songwriters, directors, comedians, photographers, animators and more.

Go inside these inspirational stories and come away with hard-hitting advice on how to make your dream a reality. This show will drag you out of your slump, empowering you to take action and giving you real tools to end the 9-5, and begin being paid to do what you’ve always wanted to do.

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