Ekaterina Popova

I try to capture the parts of life that we often hide

What was life like for you in Russia and how did it influence your creativity?


I have the fondest memories of growing up in Russia. Despite the economic difficulty, my family made sure we were always surrounded by the arts. On weekends we would go to the museum, theatre, ballet or art classes.

I would spend my time coloring or drawing in discarded notebooks that adults no longer needed. It was a really culturally rich, beautiful place. Even though we didn’t always have enough to eat, my family always made sure to engrave creativity into my life. 

When did you discover you had an affinity for creating and painting?

Like many others artists, I was always making something as a child. Whether it was drawing, sculpting or making dresses for my dolls, I always had the desire to create. Over time I became more engrossed into 2-d work and painted whenever I could. I was taking an art class every week and when I moved to the United States I was lucky my mom agreed to invest into my art by allowing me to continue my education.

What does painting provide for you emotionally and mentally?

Initially, painting helped me cope with my move to another country. I used art to occupy my time and also to express my emotions. These days I paint to get a better understanding of my world. For the past few years, I have been exploring domestic interiors and intimate spaces. It helps me appreciate the beauty in our messiest, most vulnerable moments. I try to capture the parts of life that we often hide.

What do you struggle with as an artist? Do you feel you have limitations in your creativity?

I think we all do. The visions in my mind are often way more elaborate than anything I can feasibly create at the moment. That being said, the greater the vision we have, the better the work becomes. I choose not to focus on my limitations and keep looking forward towards making meaningful and exciting work.

What do you feel is your greatest strengths?


What inspires you?

Traveling and observing other creatives that are contributing beauty to our world. 

There is a reoccurring color theme. Is this intentional?

It’s not intentional, but there are certain colors I am drawn to because of the way they make paintings feel. I am attracted to pinks and blues that create a dreamy vibe in my work.

What do these scenes in your work communicate?

The scenes in my paintings are about the intimate moments that we don’t expose to others. I paint candid rooms that we normally wouldn’t want anyone to see. I celebrate the beauty in our imperfect living spaces that often are the most honest reflection of our lives.

Favorite sound, smell, and taste

Sound: Birds at sunrise/ Ocean shores

Smell: Summer rain

Taste: The first sip of coffee in the morning or wine after a long day

Do you feel your work communicates to a greater conversation? If so what?

I hope so. I think in a world of social media, I strive to celebrate our unfiltered moments through paint. These parts of our day will always exist. I don’t condone messiness or not caring for our belongings, but want to shed light on the fact that sometimes the most fun and loving times we have are during the most imperfect situations.

Did the internet aid in your expansion?

The internet definitely opened up a ton of opportunities for me. I never expected to find so many people who share my beliefs and support what I do. I found a ton of like-minded artists on social media and through my magazine. I am able to ship paintings to Australia, Israel and the UK without any help from a gallery. I am extremely thankful to be living in this time!

What opportunities would you like to come to you in the future?

Eventually, I would love a solo exhibition in a major city like New York, London and Torono.  

What opportunities would you like to come to you in the future?

Eventually, I would love a solo exhibition in a major city like New York, London, and Toronto.  

Tell us more about Create! magazine and where we can learn more about you.

Create! Magazine is an online and print magazine that I founded to provide opportunities and open up a conversation about the arts. We feature a variety of work and partner with galleries and fairs to connect people worldwide. It’s extremely rewarding and I met some incredible people because of this project. 

You can learn more at www.create-magazine.com and www.katerinapopova.com  

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