Create New Ways To experience your Hospitality


Having been in the business, there is nothing like the relationships and experiences created around food; for guests and employees alike.

After 15 years, however, the same old ins and outs became boring. It got a bit fixed. Sure, menus changed and people changed, but the same cyclical format remained. I decided to explore other interests, in the hopes of using my creative passion to expand on how brands could create new experiences around food and community.

I’ve come up with three opportunities to open up new prospects for businesses and small brands. To create more revenue by bringing in new customers and create new value-driven experiences.

Collaboration & Partnerships

It’s as obvious as it seems, collaborate and form partnerships whether short or long term. Create new ways for local brands to connect with a newly leveraged customer base and reinvent the experience for returning customers. Here are a few examples:

#1 Black Seed Bagel

Monthly collaborations with various restaurants like Seamores and The Smile… This is a great opportunity to create new customers.

#2 Dirty lemons

The short-term collaboration with Sweetgreen saw an opportunity for dirty lemons to infiltrate a larger audience and open up an opportunity for Sweetgreen to inject new value into their customer base values of ‘Health and Wellness.’ 

Note: It doesn’t always have to be around food.



What resources do you have available to you? Perhaps you have a private dining room, a large basement or a beautiful rooftop which could be utilized with a little investment. Great value may lie right under your nose, which can offer you great return in the long run.

Couple leverage and collaboration to use your space and create a series of collaborations with creative groups, such as a sponsored whiskey tasting or interactive chefs table + family-style lunch/dinner in which you’re opening it to the community.


“Give me an example”


Creative Agency, Counter Service, collaborated with a local restaurant, DeMaria, by taking over their basement to create a venue for a cocktail party and 4-course family style dinner. This one night spoke to the brand’s values in female empowerment, flavor, and fun. exposing guests to brand values, service experience and culture. The byproduct… increased revenue via utilizing underused spaces and new customer acquisition.

Note: Leverage your spaces to touch on your personal values and weave that into your marketing strategy. 


A great example of cultural programming would be looking at co-working spaces and hotels that have done a great job of creating new ways to activate amenities to ensure consistent returns.

“What do you mean by that?”

Let’s take The Freehold, for example. They basically took the idea of utilizing hotel amenities like the bar, lobby, cafe, outside patio to ultimately create a fun place to hang out with ongoing programming with music, games, discussions and more.

By shifting perspective and considering your brand not just as a venue for food but as a resource and a tool to create new ways of experiencing your brand, you create new opportunities to become an integral part of the community.

“There are hundreds of restaurants popping up and over time even the top restaurants fizzle out.”


Be ever-evolving and ever-changing; let your core values stay the same, but remember what worked in the honeymoon-stage of operation, won’t work forever. The key is to weave into the community and embrace the conversation which creates value no dish can replace. Do this digitally and in real time.


Want to create new experiences? Let me help you.


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