It’s easy to be a big fish in a small pond, managing your creative passions with a day job. The cost of living is lower, less distractions and a more supportive community. Move to a more metropolitan area like New York, it’s a whole other ball game. Higher living costs, more distractions and a steep uphill to penetrating the NY art circut.

If you don’t have your head on straight you’ll be swallowed whole and find yourself working two service jobs with a mean drinking habit and a chip on your shoulder. Promising yourself you’ll get back to it.

Most artist & creatives that head to the big city head there with the intention of creating something bigger than what they left behind.  Progress their career, starting a startup, networking, collaboration and growth.

Having had first hand experience of what NY can do to you if your heads not on right. I put together a little list of things to keep in mind.

Whether you’re packed and ready to go or you’re in the shits and need to regroup these tips will help you stay on your path to a fulfilling life as a creative.


Be clear on what you came to do. If you’re not, I promise you’ll get distracted if your not already. Take a knee, and go through these steps. 

Know your values, and check in with yourself and what you are working to  create. This will create a solid foundation. If you fail to stay grounded, you’ll get caught up and next thing you know you’ll wake up 30 and wondering what happened. 

Find your footing and Balance

When you get situated figure out how you’re going to create a time and space for you to work and activly pursue your vision. 

Home office/studio

If you can’t afford a studio, create a space to work in your home. Maybe it’s just in your room, a desk perhaps. Make sure your desk is suited for working, keep things that can distract you off your desk and laundry off your chair. 

Co-work space & studio share

If you want to get a space check out and subcribe to Stephanie Diamond’s “Listing Project”  is an awesome source for listings in various locations. If you’re looking for a studio, shared space or a live/work set up, I’d highly recommend her.

Reach out

Find out who’s around you, get a mentor, find someone who can keep you inline and give you constructive critiques on your projects. The cities usually full of “artists” and creatives  who haven’t really done shit in a while. Make sure you’re around the right people. People who walk the walk, Fuck the talk.

Creatives & artists

Smart hustle

As artists and creative entrepreneurs especially there is this glorified badge of honor for those “hustling”.  Sleep, eat right, take care of your body, educate yourself and keep progressing with your projects.

Your time is limited and if you don’t manage yourself and what your doing properly you will feel like you’re doing all this grinding and moving nowhere. Leaving you feeling like things are impossible and efforts worthless.  So those extra few hours a day after your “day job,” can be dedicate to that which brings you exponential growth with your business or art career.

Have a vision figure out what you want to do and reverse engineer work backwards. That’s the key.

Cybernetic Transposition

I know you’re probably like WTF are you saying, stay with me, remember when I said reverse engineer? Start at the end and work backwards to yoru starting point. Then apply Cybernetic Transposition. A series of processes created by Stuart Lichtman to help you achieve your goals with your unconscious mind. Cybernetic Transposition helps you take one success and build on that success in other areas of your life.

Cybernetic Transposition is a 3-Step Process for whole-brain harmonizing.  

Here is an overview of the 3-Step Process:

  1. Create a Target
  2. Prioritize Your Target
  3. Resolve any Unconscious Habit Patterns

Stuart teaches two versions of the CT processes: the Basic and Super Achievement.  Each version follows the same 3 step process, except for a few differences.

I’d recommend getting your hands on “Anything Fast by Stuart Lichtman





Times changed, everything you’ll ever need is available right at your finger tips. Leverage your exhisting skills. Invest your time in aquiring new skills. A few marketing skills can help you learn to promote yourself and your brand to the right audience and create the traction you need.

Everything changed for me when I started to look at how valuable my time was. I started leveraging my skills, learning and seeking to provide value. Don’t get caught up or comfortable.

All in all, it really comes down to an awareness of yourself and what you want in your life and having the balls to own it and not let anything get in your way. Dont stay doing this shit, don’t let your dreams die, work, work smart, give value and build something.

What are you working to create? 


Sounds for Social Isolation

Sounds for Social Isolation

Music to focus, create, and move too. According to research by Spotify, upbeat music, with 50-80 beats per minute boosts arousal. Thus, if you want to enhance your creativity and focus, listen to a song that increases your arousal and puts you in a good mood,...

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