The law of 33%

So you want to LEVEL UP!

So you can increase success in creativity, business and life in general. 

You want to sell more art, start a small business or even start a startup!? Whatever you’re up to just know you’re not the only one.

“Everybody wants the good life but not everybody is willing to follow the rules.”

To level up you’re going to need to apply the Law of 33%


We often find ourselves surrounded by people who make us feel comfortable with our ideals, sentiments and reservations. They never challenge us or hold us accountable. In fact, if you try to raise the bar, you’ll quickly find another side of your so called “friends.”


Living in NY, I had cool, artist friends and creators. But everyone talked. We hung out in bars.We talked about how expensive the city is and how we’re “gonna do it.”  


“Gonna’s” will get you nowhere, settling for looking and talking will get you nowhere.  


Sadly most people don’t like to be challenged. They are okay being comfortable and use their circle of influence to validate their fears, doubts and lack of action.  That includes those who love you and project their own fears onto you unintentionally to prevent you from perceived failures.

You NEEEED to reach upward!


Reach toward those who have done what you want to do, who take action and will hold others accountable. Run away from the bullshit and gonnas. What has it done for you?


Seek & you will find.

The Law of 33% goes like this:


Spend 33% of your time with people below you.

Mentor someone. Give some advice to someone younger than you.

This will help you to stay motivated, feel better about yourself, help you to acknowledge your privileges and accomplishments, express gratitude and much more.Now since these people are inferior to you, this means that you are now superior to them, so you might also use your knowledge and wisdom to help THEM! It’s a cool feeling. Try it!

Apply: learn, do, teach. Share your skills with someone who you can help expand their creativity. Meet with an aspiring creative who wants to level up and start their own business, sharing what you know.  


Then spend 33% of your time with people at your level. Take the opportunity to learn from your peers friends.

The next 33% of your time spend with people on your level.


This is where you can partner up with somebody, push each other, compare results in a non-threatening way and also stay on track. It usually boosts your learning curve and keeps you in the game if you have somebody next to you who has the same values and ambitions as you have.

Think about it like a gym buddy: You might not always feel like going to the gym and working out, but you still have someone who relies on you to go with him. You are pushing each other through the hard times when neither one of you lacks the motivation to do it by yourself. You back each other up. It’s cool too.



Spend the remaining 33% of your time with people above you.


These people should be way ahead of you in rank and status. Because you have already spent two-thirds of your time with people below you, or at your level, you feel a lot of happy feelings, which is great. The last third now inspires you to go beyond what you are currently achieving. It opens up new possibilities in your mind and gets your winner mentality going. It puts excuses and hardships into perspective and, oftentimes, this is what you need to overcome the hard times along your journey.


      1. People who make you uncomfortable, 10-20 years ahead of you, 10X!  Don’t be afraid to go to the top.
    1. 2. Mentors are the short cut. Don’t do it alone. Be humble. Persevere and toughen up. It’s supposed to be hard. Hard is what makes it great.


It’s easy to stay comfortable and feel good about yourself by surrounding yourself with equals or the lesser. However the majority fail to humble themselves and seek opportunities to better themselves and grow.


Learn how to organize your time. Time is a valuable asset. And the law of 33% simplifies it.

“Good artist copy but great artist Steal.” – Picasso


By using a mentor you can follow their footsteps and fast track your success by eliminating initial trial and error.


In this Ted talk, Tai Lopez reminds us that everyone wants the good life, but not everyone gets the good life because not everyone is willing to do what it takes. This is one of the most watched Tedx Talks. After you watch it, take action. Remember, reach up!

So what will you do to level up? Success lies on the other side of comfort.


If you thought of the law of 33 percent yourself, explain that. If this article was inspired by other people, please cite your sources. Even if it’s something you heard from your mom, or a friend, or an acquaintance, explain that.

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