John Paul Fauves On "Fauvism" And Our Loss of Innocence

Hedonism vs Redemption

Costa Rican contemporary artist John Paul Fauves’ work is full of meaning and critique; covered in color and intensity. Both his alias and his style are influenced by Fauvism, but his game of faces, tones, and brushstrokes add a vibrant touch of singularity. He has shown Internationally and has been featured in many publications including Forbes Magazine.

Known as a “neo-pop expressionist” Fauves wants us to question humanity as we mature, becoming increasingly desensitized as ultimately, we grow further away from our childhood innocence. His aim is to throw light on the dark underbelly of society and highlight the many layers of the human form.

If not Mickey? Who else comes to mind to communicate the work of “Mickey Me” Collection?


Any character that has a relation to innocence or that creates an impact to the viewer. Also, iconic figures that left this world in many cases living hedonist instincts and letting their desires run wild.

If you walked into a bar and met yourself what would you think of that him?

Well, the drunk Fauves could of being a funny wild character but he pulled those desires to the limit. That’s why I don’t drink anymore and try to avoid going to bars.


What do you love and what do you hate about yourself?

I love and hate everything about me, just accept myself by defects and qualities and create a balance. Let go of what I can’t control and just flow with the day,

Some creatives who have achieve “mastery” said that it was the use of their demons, not the suppression of them that brought forth their best work. Would you agree?

100% it’s being through my darkest experiences that I found most light, I’m still working with understanding this amazing journey called life. I’m a Fauvist always to the extreme and feel grateful I’m still alive to use my life experiences in my art. There is no good or bad just the judgment in between, I use them both the express my art.



Your work has strong and energetic linework and movement. This would lead me to assume that there is a force in your expression. Do you agree, if so, do you feel that force present as you create?  Most importantly what does it feel like to you?

Yes, definitely your questions make me happy because it as if you know how I am just by observing my art. That’s the beauty of art itself since it’s like a picture of your soul. Expression run free I try to use every single moment and situation to study my existence and then materialize it to art. Sometimes I feel my life is the canvas and every experience is a color of my final masterpiece until I’m gone.

Has the internet helped you along your career?

Yes, it did, since before I was under the shade of a very close group of curators and galleries that didn’t believe in me. When I decided to promote myself alone using internet I busted out of the elite bubble of my country. 


Your work has a disturbing quality, is this intentional?


I just express what my soul tells me.

What do you struggle with, first as a human second as an artist?

My biggest struggle is myself, “if either is no enemy within the enemy outside can do you no harm” African proverb


Where you always creative?

yes, we all are.


What pisses you off about the art world?


Ego, snobbish classist attitude, I like to be humble we are all equal.

Emerging artists, what advice do you have for them?

To never stop no matter what, trust their soul. Have some time with themselves alone daily and paint from them not for people to like it.



What is your vice?

Had a lot, I’m a recovering addict. Now it’s art and to elevate my awareness in life.



What is your least favorite color?


What is a self-defeating dialogue the works against you in creating?

never stop 🙂


Favorite smell, sound, and sensation?

So many things, coffee in the morning, or the smell of earth after rain. Sensation to be as one with existence or the feeling of helping others.


Last words?

I love you …

You can see his latest work at HOMME Gallery In Los Angelos, as a part of ‘FACES‘, an exclusive group exhibition showcasing some of the most popular international artists: Justin Bower, John Paul Fauves, DAIN, Hossam Dirar, Popovy Sisters and Mike Dargas.

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