"I Put all my eggs in this basket"

Who is  Late June?

Late June is a project I started after about 3 years of making music, around (2013).

I was bored with what I was doing at the time and wanted to explore more creative and musical moments. As well as being more expressive, I wanted to start conceptualizing my music and create an art form I could resonate with and others could too.

Late June is a 20/yo from the Internet, my friends and internet friends call me Sonny n.n


Why Late june? Where does this come from what does it mean?

Originally, I wanted to find a name I could resonate with so I chose June which is a name I often quite like. I didn’t want to be just “June” because I didn’t want any kind of confusion about whether I was a singer, musician, songwriter or what not. So I chose “Late June.” I liked the idea of expressing more darker feelings but also love feelings and general depressive ideas – so where Late comes into contact with this is through the definition, well an alternative definition and reinventing that to fit me.

When I started Late June I put all my eggs in this basket, I loved the idea of starting this so bad. I was prepared to just finish everything and focus on it 100%, which I will do soon haha promise. So in doing this, I ‘killed’ the part of me that was fake, un-expressive or calculated, I wanted to focus on expression as well as having music I could standby after a few years and have it all be canon from there the “Late” part comes into play, making the connection of having passed away that part of me.

What does music provide you in the realm of creativity? Release, expression, experimentation?

Expression I would say, and just being creative. It’s one of my favorite forms of art, so it’s the one I’m most naturally drawn too. I love making music and have been for years. More so recently the self-expression rather than experimentation and the emotive release has been helping me connect more with how I want my art and music to be perceived.

Most of your work is so emotive, was it always?

Weirdly enough, I think in the beginning works it was still quite emotive but not as far as I have come I guess. I love being emotional with art and telling a story as well as having a coherent conceptional piece with the music. I think as I have gotten better at expressing myself and writing music it has become more like diary entries and passionate expression.

Who inspires you?

So many people! Musicians, artists, painters, photographers, film directors, actors, clothes and the ocean.

Probably the most intimate inspiration as well as obvious would be heartbreak. That’s always insanely inspirational. Especially when you have a mental block of some kind and you just suffered something emotional or it has just impacted your life, and since you struggle to write music and have this mental block at the same time it really propels you into a new stage of thinking and awareness of how to react to what is going on in your life and forces you to do something different, which obviously is a painful process and it happens every few months – but holy shit the art that comes afterwards as well as the new perspective is always so great. (I just diary out of a 3-week long mental block, during my 5 week holiday from uni. It has been tough)

More direct inspirations would be my friend Eevee (go check her stuff out holyyy God so good), XXYYXX, Clams Casino, Lund (amazing and incredible artist I have a song with him and my other friend Foreign Forest who you should also check out, cos he’s fucking talented as hell!), lots of bands: Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, From First to Last (frontman Sonny Moores, later music also has the biggest impact on my music), Bring Me The Horizon, Tigers Jaw. There are a lot of artists and musicians that inspire me a lot and I often repeat myself, haha so I’ll just keep the list quite minimal because I could go on forever and ever.

Do you feel social media has helped you create opportunities to focus more on your work?

I feel like Soundcloud more than anything has put me on the most, recently Twitter to connect with people and share other things and such that I can’t quite do on Soundcloud. But the former definitely has helped me the most with releasing music and connecting with fans I suppose (if I have any I guess).

I think Social media has in a way, helped me distance myself from actual real life & the country I live in. Which has helped me establish and online presence rather than a physical presence, because I noticed my stuff/music is popular (against the grain of my listeners) in the US rather than here, or anywhere near here to be honest. So I decided outright to focus on being online in hopes that in future I could be presented the opportunity to make myself more known over there outside of the internet, social media makes that possible ofc! 

Late June

What is the hardest part of establishing yourself as an artist?

I think my anxiety the most, not of what people will think of my music or how people will perceive me or my art. But mostly like just being anxious about how it’s all doing, as soon as I get somewhere I expect that (dunno why) to continue and flourish. Whereas I think I need to start looking at the ‘waves’ of how it works and just accept it for what it is. 

Other things would probably be, getting the music on platforms that fit what you do and figuring out.. what it is you want to do. Which I would say I have come to the conclusion, basically ruling out the idea of DJing after doing it a few times, it’s… shitty haha it sucks it’s just not fun, the people are also the worst and the drug culture makes me a little mad and just depressed from the outside.

So I would say like, that has been hard for me, accepting that hey I may do shows in the future that feels more like a “Late June” orientated thing and I could play music live and have some cool stuff planned, but building a ‘DJ profile or performer profile’ before I know how I want things to work and before I even got popular I think for me is just a huge collaborative waste of time. I mean it’s not what I want to do, I don’t wanna be known as a DJ or disc-performer or anything. I want to be known for my music, so… I should make music? Right.

That for me is a hard thing to accept, that I just kind of have to wait to establish myself further.

What upsets you about music? Do you feel it limits you creatively?

To be honest, most things. I like how I sound, hell I love how I sound but, I feel like there should be more to my music. I want to be able to start incorporating live instruments and making music that feels like the stuff that I really have always wanted to be apart of and create. It definitely limits me at the moment just being on a computer, having to learn everything from scratch over the years and get to where I am is incredible.  I’m still not comfortable with my sound and I want to work on it more and get to a point where I could be happy with it.

I know that’s probably not going to happen, it’s my nature and human nature to just not be happy with what we have / what we are able to accomplish. That’s pretty cool in a way because it drives me to be way better. Who knows how I will sound in a few years, how I will grow or what I will start using. I definitely feel limited at the moment, but creatively I still have lots of things to explore.

Late June

 Is this your passion? Are you living freely with your music? Whats stopping you?

Music is my passion, definitely. 

I am at this current point, still studying at university doing photo media and it’s great it’s honestly amazing. I just feel and I say things every year, that I could just leave and work on music full-time and actually get where I want to be.

What’s stopping me? Nothing really, at this point it’s the best it’s ever been and things are always looking more exciting by the day. Which is why this might be and should be my last year of study. It’s time to put Late June into full time and start making things spark more.

There are already, so many many many exciting things going to happen very soon. That no one is prepared for in the slightest.

What were you doing before you got into music?

Mhm, that was maybe, when I was 14-15 (when I started) so I would say a lot of video games and homework, and most likely being very deprived of creativity and very depressed.  I had nothing to express myself with properly, also I listened to a lot of emo-core music haha and still do!

For someone starting out what are your 3 best tips?

1. Don’t care what other people are doing, that shouldn’t concern you.

2. Accept that no matter how you sound now, your music will grow and change over the years. You shouldn’t be at an end-game at this current time, that is… a hilarious point of view to have.

3. If you like someone’s music, it’s not because of how they sound. It’s because of how they make you feel. Try to express that feeling instead of copying what they sound like, you’ll be impressed.

What is next for you?

Music releases, music releases, music releases xD

Also a trip to London at the end of the year, as well as LA to visit some friends and hopefully get some booking and connections done!

Which is cool, because I wanted to do this for so long and I always thought it wasn’t the time, now it looks like the opposite, so that’s scarily awesome.

 Late June Soundcloud

Last words?

I wouldn’t be here physically and as a written presence without music and the people supporting my music

 I want to thank all of you for giving me an opportunity to have a platform.  I also want to give huge thanks to all my friends who have supported me over the years and helped me still be social in all of this haha n.n

The biggest thanks to Soundcloud, one of the best platforms online and one who possibly made my career and helped me upload freely and get discovered, one of my favorite websites of all time.

Thank you for everything Soundcloud. if u haven’t  heard!

I’m also on Spotify, all you need to do is type up Late June.


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