4 Levels of Consciousness

Why Being Creative Isn't Enough

As creatives, often times we feel we’ve got it figured out. “I’m an artist” Yet far too many creatives are living in a vicious circle of dead end jobs, emotional highs and lows and of course, the dream that seems to be called into question as the years press on.

As creatives, often times we feel we’ve got it figured out. “I’m an artist” Yet far too many creatives are living in a vicious circle of dead end jobs, emotional highs and lows and of course, the dream that seems to be called into question as the years press on.

Have you had those moments where you look at life and wonder: why it isn’t different? Why isn’t it how you imagined it? Why don’t I have that start up, why am I still struggling to get established, why am I still working a “day job”?

You can come to a point of power when you realize things don’t happen to you, they happen through you. It’s a hard pill to swallow but you are the Cause of all your effects. But that’s a topic for later discussion.

The only thing separating you from those who are living the life you would like is their level of consciousness.

So why are you not living your dream? By assessing where you are in relation to the stages of consciousness, you can create the necessary shifts you need to start creating freely, fully and powerfully and create your dream.

So, what are the Four Stages of Consciousness?


“The sleeper, Silent Sufferer, the Suppressor”

As a Drone, you’re ruled by your mind and logic.

You accept everything and question nothing. You externalize your power. You give in to instigation. You suppress and live in the mind’s realm of logic, meaning. “If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.” You need more…Time, money, space, connections, supplies” – external resources.


As a drone, you refuse to accept responsibility for yourself. You feel no consequences for your own actions since you’re a victim of circumstance. Everything happens to you and you are easily affected by people. You don’t realize the power of your words, thoughts and actions. You don’t express fully, feeling you’re potentially going to offend someone.


You judge yourself, you judge others and you worry about the judgments of others as well – Low confidence.  Leaving you fear based and not realizing that it’s all connected. The way you think, speak, eat affects the mind, body, and soul.


Creating limitations in all areas of your life, creatively, professionally, emotionally, physically


Art is an expression of the soul. One can never be free to live fully when trapped by the mind.


“The Aware and expressive one”

As an Artist, you’re ruled by your heart.

You are aware of your experiences in life and you express your perceptions. This next stage of consciousness you begin to get things off your chest. Here you hold more power within, and you share your experience and thoughts openly. However, at this stage, there is still an aspect of suffering. Your awareness is only an outward awareness. Unable to see through the illusions of separation. You still see limitations, you still are ruled by emotions and you react.

Although more awake, you still haven’t moved into a deeper inward understanding.

Some of the great artists whose lives have passed, lived only in outward awareness.

Even as an artist, although aware of your own experience, you haven’t yet turned inward to unlock the secrets to self that allow you to step into a place of power. Hence, still holding day jobs or undervaluing your work.


“The knower of Self”

As the Alchemist, you are not ruled, rather you merged heart and mind for your use.

You understand that “As within, so without.” Meaning, your outward experiences are a reflection and manifestation of your inward experience. Knowing this, you look within, you know all aspects of yourself, your good and your bad.

You know that to judge is merely a reflection of yourself. Therefore, come not from a place of judgement, but observation. You are no longer a victim of paradigm.

Also, See Creative paradigms “3 Reasons Why You Aren’t A Full-Time Artist. 

Here fear, doubts and, other limiting beliefs are observed but never hinder the Alchemist.


“Master of Trinity: mind body and spirit”

You love yourself. You understand the synthesis of positive and negative. You understand the illusion of separation. The inward and the outward are one and the same. That all things don’t happen to you but through you.

You understand how much you don’t know, you let go of what you don’t know and allow all to come through you.

You know how to change your thoughts from negative to positive and move into space where you have control over the outcome of your life. Leaving you to be perceived as to possess “magic” or wizardry. But really, you have come to a level of consciousness beyond the realm of all others.

Look at the greatest creatives in arts and business; they all have qualities of the “Wizard”, nothing gets in their way, moving seemingly effortlessly through life with opportunity after opportunity. They understand the “Laws of the Universe” and have created a life that seems almost unreal in nature.

What level of consciousness are you?

By becoming aware of yourself, not only do you communicate in a more emotive way, that transcends logic, but you create a more powerful way of living, allowing you to impact and inspire others and creating fulfillment and passion.

You have powers beyond your understanding. You are the only thing standing in your way. Many of you are already the conscious “Artist”, Each of us are unique, be proud of your power, become present to it. However, ARTISTS don’t stop there!

Open yourself, bring your attention inward and create self-transformations.   The hardest thing to do is mastering yourself. Those who do make the conscious decision to own their greatness and lead extraordinary lives, full of their own expression and awareness.

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