A Creative Jack Of All Trades

Lindsay Perry is certainly one of the few who’s energy and enigmatic sense of being resonates. Going way back to Satellite Beach Florida, I had the pleasure of knowing Lindsay and watching her progression.

One of the first I knew who leveraged technology to create freedom and stability though creativity.  Lindsay’s proven to be an early adapter into the “Digital Age.” Reconnecting with Lindsay, we go back to talk past, present, and future. In hopes to bring you insight on a life that embraces, self, expression, and opportunity. 


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Surfer, singer, songwriter, brand ambassador and more. Let’s take it back? What’s your story? How did it all begin and how did you build this following?


Well, I’d say the music thing started in 9th grade. I’d come home and sneak my dad’s guitar into my room and “teach” myself to play before he would get home from work. This is before youtube and I had no knowledge of any sort of chord structures, etc. So I’d say that really helped shape my writing style (for the good and bad probably).

My love for surfing didn’t come until later in life. That was when I was 15 or so. I was OBSESSED. Actually to the point that it made me leave home at barely 16 to pursue a “career” in it. Hahaha, I could barely even stand up on the damn thing, let alone be geared up for sponsorship. It wasn’t until I moved to the east coast (from the panhandle) that I was really able to be consistent with it and learn a lot more by watching other people.


You have been building your brand since i can remember, it’s been a journey for you I’m sure? Was there ever a point where you felt that your wasting your time and should get a “real job”


Absolutely. It gets scary even still. The retail industry is a fickle beast. One day companies are thriving and the next, they’re filing chapter 11 and cutting the whole team. So that is always a risk. Each year sponsorship renewals and negotiations are always an unsure battle but I just try to wear as many hats as I can so I can stay valuable to my sponsors and have a backup plan if the worst does occur.


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What were you doing before this?

Before this interview or my current chapter in life? 😉 Before this interview, I was sleeping and before “this” career, shit, I can’t even remember… Oh, I worked at Starbucks, an office, was a web designer, a cocktail waitress.. (singer/dancer/actor/model) hahahah jk


I remember the day you were picked up with billabong, I can only imagine how amazing that moment must have been since it was a goal of yours for a while. What are some other memories that have stuck with you?


I’d definitely say getting signed with the record label that I’m with, touring the Taylor guitar factory for the first time and getting my first interview in Surfing magazine are some of the things that still inspire me to keep pushing through.


What do you struggle with creatively?


It’s hard to turn on creativity at any given moment, especially with deadlines. but I’m kind of getting better at a system that helps me jump start it faster.

Who inspires you?

My mother, for sure. she passed 10 years ago

 Let’s talk product collaborations. Is there any particular brand, fashion designers, products you would be interested in working with?


 I’m gearing up to release this second album in the fall and, I want to do a collaboration with Taylor Guitars for a custom guitar pick and a signature sunglass with Spy.


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Has the internet & social media contributed to your successes? How so?

Absolutely. I remember when I used even Myspace as a social tool to get more eyes on what I was doing. Facebook helped a lot after and Instagram has been a hinder and a help.

I say that because initially, it was invaluable but now I feel it’s so oversaturated with the same content that no one is really interested in seeing the same stuff all of the time. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep people’s attention


What are your top 3 tips for those looking to get their name out there?

Well, these days I’ve been asking myself the same thing. hahaha as I said, it honestly feels like every time I turn around, there’s a new “model” girl or whatever, imitating the same system. I honestly feel like originality is key, persistence, hard, hard, hard work and definitely figuring out a good niche within the social media communities.

 What’s your ideal day like?

Wake up late, coffee, beach, come home and start making art around 5 or six, break to play music when I get stifled, dinner and a bottle of wine… all of this by myself hahahah


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What’s your favorite smell, and sound?

Blues music, hands down. Smell, probably coffee

What’srepeat right now?

Sadly, I’ve had to listen to my new record a trillionnnnnnn times (not my favorite experience) to tighten all of the loose ends of recording, vocal takes and production with the label. Otherwise, I listen to a lot of old blues tunes.

What’s next for you?

Releasing this album in the fall and, going on tour! can’t wait  

Last words?

Thank you for taking the time to write up these questions and I look forward to continuing watching you succeed and grow 🙂

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