We Are Modern Partners For Ambitious Brands

Helping E-commerce Businesses Scale To 6 & 7-Figures Through Paid Traffic.


Independently owned and headquartered in NY. We’re a team of passionate aficionados. Working to align with brands that are forward-thinking to usher in a brighter future through commerce.  Our team helps our global clients grow thier businesses.




Alignment that ignites passion and hunger amplifying a message beyond standard practice to drive results. 


Your mission becomes ours. 


Leverage, streamline and focus 


We offer an outside perspective that offers actionable solutions 



Liaison & Partners is a byproduct of the ‘old age’ marketing agency offerings. Most agencies are slow, unorganized & use logic rather than field-tested concepts.
Most agencies will spend 30 days on-boarding you, then charge you a fee!
With us On-Boarding takes 90-minutes and there’s no fee. That way we can get our ads up and running as quickly as possible. We’re quick, we’re nibble & we don’t like to waste time.

We are always testing new Facebook strategies in order to take this platform to the edge of its capabilities. Maximizing profits, scaling aggressively while staying congruent to brand & image.

We understand that there is no point in pouring water into a bucket with an empty hole. That’s why we always start with the sales process. We take a look at what your sales & indoctrination process looks like and we start there. Plug the leaky holes, then drive highly qualified leads.
We know a lot of business owners have been stung by agencies before, we empathize. We don’t try and do everything. Instead, we’re crystal-clear on what we’re incredible at and pour all our time and energy into Facebook Advertising in order to remain world-class in this area.
We work to align with brands that speak to our core values. It’s that alignment that brings forth passion and hunger to amplify your message. To use we are ambitions partners for your modern brand. 


Facebook Advertising

We offer full-service social media management services. Transform your social media presence with high-quality content, daily activity, and increasing followers.

Intersted in working with us?

We are always open to connecting with new brands to see if we’re a good fit. With that being said we don’t choose to work with everyone. See if your brand is a good fit.


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