NIKO IS …Big hair, big smoke, big words, humble heart.  A Brazilian-born lyricist residing in Florida. has been taking the game on for the love of the art and the desire create. I was introduced to the talents of Niko back in 2013 when I ran across a SoundCloud post on facebook. I hit him up and thought to perhaps collab on album artwork or shoot him for a project I was working on. To my misfortune that never happend with busy schedules. I did however keep up with the work of the man behind the hair.

And thus with his latest “Songs.4.People.WHo.Break.Hearts we are again reminded of talent under appreciate and clearly unreccongized by the proper form.

Always cool, come, and collect Niko despite his talents and the undeniable respect he has from the community he always acted with humility and an air of poise. A refreshing characteristic of a young creative on the up and up these days.

still doubting?????? it's #coloursoftheculture

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NEW ALBUM / WHO'S THIS... #GOODAIR ok the way... #coloursoftheculture

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NIKO today is more than just a dope MC signed to Talib Kweli’s indie label Javotti Media.

the young trouble maker raps in portuguese and english with a switch up on the fly. It’s refreshing, and distinct. A the likes of many vets in the game are on to Niko’s waves. 

I would encourage you to take a listen to some of Niko’s work to get a frist hand listen.  People often wait till things are mainstream before they give proper respect to an artist.  Followers stop sleeping on Niko. If you want to wait, cool but your missing out on a lot of unique stuff. 

Lets also shout out @thanksjoey, the man behind Niko’s beats 

Brazillianaire. 🇧🇷🇧🇷 #coloursoftheculture 📸: @sk8boardt

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To keep up with Niko is you can check him on on facebook or instagram. Do share your thoughts on his work and on’t forget to check me out on facebook throw a like my way.


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