Nuria Zapata FIEDLER

"In Case You Miss Her"
We met in New York, after leaving the “Grand Life” you headed back to Peru for some R&R and an intention to return to NY. What has kept you there? 
I went back to Lima because I had an artist solo show there. I had only made one piece in New York (the book), so I had to spend a month there producing the pieces before the show. I sold most of the pieces and when the show was over I thought  “hmm maybe I could really do this for a living.” Also, a lot of new opportunities in different medias were coming to me, acting( I like the camera, it’s scary but I truly love it ) than modeling and stuff related to handcraft which is what really fulfills my spirit. Also, I fell in love again with my ex-girlfriend haha, love can make me change my living área very quickly. 
Did living in NY inspire you or hinder your creativity? 

I would say NY definitely inspired me, but not because I was surrounded by art or artists or galleries I mean, of course,  I was drawing and writing,  but NY is a tough city and I had to work just to pay the rent,  I was a runner in a healthy kitchen in…
South Hampton (good people though), then cocktail waitress, then hostess in a fancy hotel …so it was more an inspiration as a human being and it kept me grounded and also made me realize the privilege as an artists to have the time and the space to make art. It’s a luxury.NY made me aware of all that, was a good training.
How does that compare to how life in Peru?
First of all, I OWN MY TIME, working as an artist in my studio or acting give me the chance to manage my time. I do not have a routine at all which keep me awake and also I don’t work for anybody I collaborate with people and that works for me much better.
How do you see your art progressing?
Progressing for me is not to stay in the comfort zone, is trying new medias, new materials. Putting me in risk,  keeps me awake and curious. Now I think I’m going towards sculpture, installation and performance which is something that a haven’t done that much.
Where do you see yourself creatively in 10 years?
I´m very bad at making plans for the future, so this is a hard one for me, but I will say for sure I’m gonna be doing books. I don’t know what type of books but they will be around me forever. Maybe I will like to have an editorial or have a bookstore focus on artist books. Also, I have the feeling that I will be doing some musical projects or just keep deepening in the singing thing. I see myself in love, maybe kids? As you can see I really don’t have a clue.
I see a reoccurring theme in your work.. human connection, and the byproduct of intimacy? is this intentional? 
I wouldn´t say it’s intentional but I also not trying to hide it. It’s just the way it comes out of me. I am trying to be very personal with my work since most of the pieces and images come from poems that I wrote  I think that gives my work a raw, vulnerable, intimate feeling. I like to try the hardest to maintain a very genuine state to be honest.
What do you want to communicate with your work? 

I just want to move people. With the books, for example, I like to put the reader in a very active role, since my books have this playful side it makes people play and mostly be curious. That is beautiful for me, they become kids again in a way.
Can you imagine a life without creating?
Not really
Who inspires you? What are your creative crushes?

I went to see Yoko Ono’s retrospective show a month ago in Buenos Aires, I like her a lot, she has this bond with words and poetry but she also is playful with the audience, she makes them part of the piece.  I value that a lot. Also, she has an editorial work which is amazing too.She moves in different mediums which is something that I think is a must these days, at least for me. Also, formal poetry can inspire me, Ginsberg’s poems can take me to amazing places too. What really inspire me is the connection with people, relationships, and the past, I’m very nostalgic and melancholic in a way.
What is something people wouldn’t expect from you?

Order haha I am usually a mess.
What do you find sexy in a person?

People that know what they’re doing is sexy

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