Peter Coffin's "Untitled" Tree Pants

"I thought it’d be fun to do something silly in that context,”

Originally appearing in Wanås Konst sculpture park in Sweden, Coffin continues to outfit particularly attractive foliage from time to time. New York-based artist Peter Coffin decks out trees in giant Levi’s jeans. Why? To poke fun at our serious tendency to project human characteristics onto nonhuman objects and entities.


“The four images here were taken at the Wanas Sculpture Park in Sweden, and highlight changes over the course of a year. Spring depicts the forest’s lush green abundance with a trouser-endowed tree sprouting up in the background. The gold and yellow hues in Summer and the barren, snow-covered landscape of Winter bring to mind Brueghel’s atmospheric paintings of seasons and labor.” – Time Out New York



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