From Side Hustle to Sustainability

How Turn your Creativity Into Financial Independance

The Creative Side Hustle

Let’s talk about how you can go from treating the things you love as a side hustle and how to turn it into a sustainable way of living.

That’s right making a living doing what you love. So the things you love pays rent, inspires creativity and open up a new plain for creativity. 

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Most artist are stuck with this old way of thinking, that the artist is meant to struggle and only few make it some even die without ever truly breaking though.  Which creates an acceptance of the bartending jobs, multiple jobs and the “I dont have rent” Stress.

Now days there is no need to be a starving artist. If you are, chances are your moving witout direction, lacking strategy, focus and dedication.

You can’t wait till someone comes along to help you figure out all the your neglecting. You cant things, move to fast you’ll never create true momentum that way.

You need…


What do you want to do? Yes even as a creative “artist” you need an end point.

Knowing your a creative and aimlessly pursuing anything that comes your way, it’s understandable but it’s not smart. Look, I get it you gotta eat but, you need to take a moment to say hey? Is this working? what am I doing? How can I change the way I’m working to actually create results?

By creating a vision you can move forward in asking the questions like what is the best approach to get me to where Im going.

Cathy Heller Founder and creator of “Dont Keep your Day Job” and 6 Figure Songwriter mentioned how she came out to LA and just did like many spinning her wheels, playing songs, doing shows making songs, and spending tons of money on records and getting bad record deals and realizing nothing was really getting anywhere. She still struggled to pay rent, and all the other perks of the struggling artist.

When she realized others were licensing their songs to shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Tropicana and Old Navy she had a breakthrough. Ingred michaelson for example licensed her song to an Old Navy commercial.  I’m sure most of you have heard this song. 

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Reverse Engineer

So like Cathy realized she was going to license her song whats your vision? Where do you want to be? Now take that end point and work backwards. 

How are you going to get there? What’s your timeline? 

What do you need to get there? Who can help you get there? 

Get online leverage the internet to get you the information you need to help you! You have all the answers at your fingertips. Seriously its easier than ever. 


When you figured it out, put the goals up and start working smart to build yourself up.

Remember zero to 1 not 0 to n.


Many of you hustle, you do what you can to do what you love. You dj at a shitty club that pays you in drink tickets, bad bar food and brings out the worst in you with the wrong crowd of people. Stop for a moment. Is it working for you? Is there trajectory? What could you do differantly. Sure jobs come here and there, but your still not sustainable right? Make sure what your doing is producing an outcome that brings you forward.

Find the jobs and opportunites that open doors they may pay in ways other than the monetary but the opportunity cost in time will have a return that could propel you in the direction you want. It’s not always about the money.

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You don’t need money to start, it’s time to be resourceful. Research and try and get in contact with as many people as you can who have made it?  This is where the Hustle comes in. Be authentic and get yourself in touch with the right people.

Tip: Get On social and hashtag hustle search tags and find out who the influencers are in your industry. Hit them up “would love to collab-lmk” Hit up influencers who suit your aesthetic “I like your content would love to send you some music for your next video”


Volunteer your time at a gallery or museum or leverage your social media audeince – Remember it’s all about value, for your audience and peers, if your present and provide value it always turnes around.


Technology is changing the world at an exponential rate. Authenticy and creativity are such a value.  You have been given a gift  go all in on your passions. Give, share, and inspire others and be patient, keep providing value. For you that means keep giving your audience your passions, engage online and community and keep going.



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