How Women Succeed In SMMA And Why Gender Doesn’t Matter.

(Plus, A Checklist To Succeed As An Agency)

Article by Arlie Peyton

At the start of 2020, Arlie reached out to me to connect with regards to the SMMA space. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I initially noticed the lack of females in the space. So given that when Arlie asked if I would be open to sharing some insights I’ve learned over the years as well as how I feel about the current male-dominated space I was happy to share
When I signed up for my first SMMA course, I noticed something peculiar. Most of the students were like me, male. In fact, women only comprised of 15% of the group. That correlates to mostly male agency owners in the industry too. But should I be surprised?

A lot of industries are male-dominated, especially in the STEM fields. Look at big business. There are 33 of CEOs in the Fortune 500 who are women. That’s only 6.6%, but the number of women leading companies is growing.

Still, it’s 2020 and I find that pretty sad…

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