Do you have a lot of things you’d like to do with your life but find yourself saying…

“I need to figure it out?”

I too spent almost a decade of my life juggling my interests with no clear direction: stay a painter, do my own creative collective, get into film, start an online magazine, start a business, become a creative director, start a brand; only later to find passions for technology, futurism, investing, and entrepreneurship. More choices and still unsure of what to do.

They say…


“You can’t have it all, you need to choose.”


For a while I listened to “them”. I couldn’t choose, it got to the point where I did nothing. I was passionate about and worked a middle management job until I could “figure it out.” What ultimately ended up happening was I grew comfortable and insecure, because I wasn’t sure if I could leave the comfort zone to start over.

There was this hole in the center of my being that no money, material goods or comforts could fill. Deep down I knew that if I don’t make a change it’ll always be like this. Not bad but not good, just grey.

So, for the creatives who want to write books, start a brand, build a business or what have you, my advice:

I dont know what im doing


What I found worked for me was realizing that nothing will change unless I did. Take responsibility for your life and your happiness. Once I decided that I was going to live a “have it all” life and that I wasn’t going to choose, everything began to change.

I know it sounds obvious, but too often artists and creatives fear that choosing limits them from other areas of interest and they get stuck in the limbo of “figuring it out.

Pick Your Direction

To start, pick one area that you are most passionate about and begin to create opportunities in that area. Know that starting with one doesn’t mean that you can’t and won’t do other things you enjoy, but rather creates your foundation on which you can expand.

The 1% Shift


Shifting your thoughts creates exponential results, moving you towards action and progress. 1% shifts look like this: having integrity, being committed to your word, investing your time in inspiring your creativity or honing your craft rather than distractions. It’s shifting your circle of influence, learning to say “no.” Learning how to leverage, be resourceful and learning what you need to help you build your passions.

Once you’ve created a solid foundation, expand.

Where do your interests lie? 

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