Takara Wong’s current Spring/Summer 17 Collection “Love To Hate Me” has many taking notes. Inspired by the lifestyle of Tokyo’s underground gang culture.

Takara Wong found inspiration in the rough, rowdy and, sometimes violent scenes of Bosozoku, illegal night Racing gangs this collection. If you Like Y3, Yohji Yamamoto or Rick Owens then chances are you’re probably going to appreciate what’s going on with the rebellious spirit of this young designer.

THAKORN WANNAWONG started Takara Wong in 2015, a young Thai designer  who has gone all in on his passions to create a brand that speaks to the core of individuality, culture and self expression. In this interview you will get an insight into the mind of one who values imperfections, rebellion and trial & error.

What’s your story, did you always know you’re a Designer?

I’ve always known I want to create something in regards to the fashion world and change fashion culture in Thailand to be world class. When I had to choose my major after high school, I choose 5 different majors none of them was fashion. Finally I studied Creative Marketing/Advertising in Rangsit University then went on to study Patisserie in Le Cordon Bleu Sydney, an experience that changed my life. I found myself and a love of street culture, violence, surfing, BMX, skateboarding and music. There I discovered what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I rushed to finish my culinary degree so I could come back to Thailand to start my career in Fashion.  When I come back to Thailand I studied a short course at Bunka Fashion Academy and start my brand in 2015 with my first collection AW16 in last year. I did it with a trial & error philosophy and passion only. The feedback was very good.

What Inspires you?

Everything around me, my childhood, self doubt. History, like why slavery existed, why in this age culture is so heavily influenced by music icons, or why the Bosozoku in Tokyo is very cool and Japan supports AV movies which brings revenue to their country. But, here in Thailand all anything violent or racial is too bad look. I brought some question from childhood and brought it out in my collections.

What advice do you have for a young creative working to “be an artist”

Do it by your passion not money. Start now, follow your dream  and don’t waste your time  waiting for when you’re ready! Be yourself not whoever you want to be.  Make it real!

Living in Bangkok, what are your thoughts on living in the city as acreative?

I think Bangkok has a lot of inspiration and loads of exotic culture, but sometime it also hard to present the creativity to people that aren’t open to getting it,  you know but I still do it and,  make sure to present the different part of culture and subculture present in Bangkok that people forget as best I can.

Does Bangkok Inspire you, or do you find inspiration online and through traveling?

Normally, I get  inspiration from childhood memories, something I did  or somewhere I went but also travelling and online inspire me as well. I think every second we can get  inspiration which is why when I travel.  I’m always photographing, writing notes or drawing something to keep that moment in my notebook. So when I go back to it, the memory comes back and brings me to inspiration.

What are your thoughts on having a day job and how has it affected your work in the past?

I work on my brand as any designer / marketing / creative director / buyer and accounting / pr bla bla bla it’s keeps me me busy and I love to be busy and new experiences happen in every morning when I wake or before bed haha

Who are your favorite designers?

Raf Simons , Yohji Yamamoto , Alexander Wang

What kind of music do you listen to?

Future/Hip hop/House/Bass

What is something people wouldn’t know about you?

I was a chef before a designer haha


What are 3 things you cannot live without?

Notebook & Pencil, Music , Chocolate (No laptop)

Do you see yourself evolving into other creative fields? What would

they be and why?

I want to create furniture because in relation with my design and perhaps do a cafe  with TAKARA WONG design or something.

If you weren’t a designer what would you be doing?

May be a Chef, I love to create anything that represents ART and Culture.

What’s next for Takara Wong?

Siam Center this month and may be The Emquartier soon. Next step must be in international multi store worldwide in this year 2017. Next of Next might be we’ll open woman line.

What’s next for Takara Wong?

Siam Center this month and may be The Emquartier soon. Next step must be in international multi store worldwide in this year 2017. Next of Next might be we’ll open woman line.

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