How to go from Average to Extraordinary -Living in your passion


The job’s as a host, barista, bartender that gives you free time to go to castings, paint, network and all the other things you intially intended.

Why are you sleeping in?  Why are you partying, Why are you spending money on shit you don’t need?

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Being an artist myself, most drink, bitched about gentrification and rising rent and how were “gonna” Always talking never doing.

Thats not why I moved to NY. That’s not why you moved to NY

I’m sick of it, sick of excuses, sick of youre excuses.

Wasting talent, wake up!

The evil forces of average, complacency and noramal are working against you always.

Be obsessed or be Average

 Now is the time to CASH IN ON YOUR PASSIONS! Stop making excuses stop playing it safe.

If you’re not all in your goals, and the life you want or, you wont make it. It’s Like a back flip, you can’t flip without creating the right vilocity to complete the rotation the same goes for you!

How bad do you want it?

To most of you who identify as artists, creatives entreprenerus that don’t actually make, art, build, or create. You just talk.

Time to shift from talk, to obsession and action.


Give yourself permission. Be obsessed with greatness, and give yourself the permission to go all in.

Reach up

Find new friends! New people who challenge your obssessions and goals. Quit settling for familar people. Nothing should inspire you more than people who are achieving.

Study your craft,  make connections and always make sure to reach up,  not sideways or down. UP.  When you walk into the room, talk to the guy who has his start up, the Dancer, paint or the world renouwned creative director. Avoid resorting to the familiar.

You can’t create success alone. Open yourself to possiblilities. Make the time to get connect and get noticed. Reach outside of your area. The more you know the better. 

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It’s easy to be with people who are the same as you and justify it but, it’s harder to be in the room with Sheppard Fairey, Elon Musk, Alexander Wang, Sophia Amoruso or Creative Directors & Co-Foudners Dao-Yi Cho & Maxwell Osborne of Public School.

Give up

“Anything insane has a price”- Gary Vaynerchuk

Vacations, Bars, Sleeping in and all the other shit you prioritize over your projects, vision, and goals.

Be honest with yourself and give yourself a chance to have the life you want by making you “obssession” a priority.

Mentor up

Find a creative mentor, you cant out grow. Someone to make you level up and hold you accountable. Volunteer for them and pay up if you have too consider the opportunity cost of being around a person who calls you out on your shit. Meaning you need to get rid of the people who don’t help you move UP.

You’re a composite of the 5 people you hang around with. Apply the Law of 33%.


Insprire your growth, Feed your passion.

GO see things, experience, art, expression and creativity. Tempt inspiration and fuel your passions.

Goals via Pexel.com

Staying in bars with beer and shot specials won’t change your thinking. Always be expanding.

Invest in education

Never stop learning.  The more you learn the more you earn fact.

Continue to educate yourself. At 29, I bought a education program to help me learn online marketing so I can get out of the service industry and back to creative. That discussion was responsible for me becoming a consultant and having time to travel and create the projects that sat in my head for years.

Invest in training, education, coaching, books whatever you need to help you. Refuse to be stupid, figure out where you’re dumb in  life and refuse excuses on having no time, or money.

Pay attention to health

Brunch, Whiskey, and Seamless can you lazy, hungover, foggy and unable to expand to create what you love.

Make sure you make time to put your body in a position to create the life you want. Work out, run, swim, walk, watever. Make a habit. It’s not glamourous but, neither is being the creative who doesn’t create shit.

be charitable

When your starting out, give, share time and assist.  Invest in contribution.

I have created so many opportunites in leveraging my free time to keeping myself inspired. You get more from giving then you will ever get from getting.

Look for problems and help solve them,  they will fuel your passion.

These tips will help you create clarity but you need sacrifices and dedication.  Strip away the average thinking of those you live with, work with and hang out with. It’s about becoming obsessed with what you want to create. Only those who are win.

 “Lock yourself in a room doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers.” – Kanye

Work “hustle” and bring it to life.


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