Are you working to establish yourself as a creative?

Whatever the medium, you people need to know who you are and what you’re up too in a world that is so loud in order to create the sustainability you need so that you can focus on what you love and ditch the jobs that offer no fulfillment and drain you of your time.

Many of you, if not most, focus mainly on the creative and less on the branding and other valuable business tactics to build awareness and create a sustainable source of income.

Times changed and the internets brought forth a low-cost way to reach and build a global audience. The modern artist has evolved, gone are the days of the starving artist. These days modern artists are entrepreneurial artists.

You create AND you market & brand yourself.

Markus prime

The better you are at it the further the reach the more freedom and independent you find.

You can’t lock yourself away in your studio and wait to be discovered by a gallery or collector. You’ll Get nowhere.  

Skip all that elitist art Bullshit leverage the internet, use social media, build a blog and get your passions in front of those who understand and appreciate your work so you can create new opportunities that you didn’t realize were present additionally

So what kind of creatives should have an Email List building?
Painters, Sculptors, Ceramist, Designers, Stylists, Producers, Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Fashion Designers, DJ’s… I’m scratching the surface but you get the idea.
In case you didn’t catch it I’m telling you, you need to create brand awareness, build an email list.
So these days with all the social platforms available does it matter to build a list?  The short and simple: Yes. It’s the most direct link to your potential customer and People still check their emails.
Is that enough of a reason for you to build your own list? Here are few more reasons…
  • Very useful in case one day Instagram or Facebook decides to either: close or charge you for every time you want to reach a fan.

  • It’s a direct communication with your customers. Nobody can decide how and when you reach them. Nobody can “control” your email list… it’s all yours!
  • It’s a powerful traffic channel for your website. It’s easy to integrate links in an email and fire it off very quickly. You can send customers to blog posts, products, or anything about you on the web.
  • People on your email list are more likely to buy from you. In fact, when someone gives you their email, it’s a very meaningful commitment. They are not only “following back” or liking just because your page looks cool. They are actually interested and engaged with you, your work and your brand.
  • You can use your list to create targeted Facebook ads. Simply create an audience on Facebook with your list and you can show them any ad in their feed.

Build your brand

  • Keeps you communicating with your fans, release a new EP, limited edition print series or have a solo show, Get that information directly to your audience.

Here are a few artists who leverage the internet to gain the sustainability they need to do what they love.

Start building your list.

Mailchimp is a great free way to get yourself up and running ITs automated too so when you get going, you can let your list when you have new music out, new prints, clothes etc and blast one email to your list.

Build your Brand. Sell more Stuff.


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